A logo is much more than just a symbol. The primary function of a logo is to make your entity visible among other companies. A good logo is memorable, eye-catching and at the same time rather minimalistic to have an option to use the logo in various ways (printing, embroidering, onto different materials, etc.). In addition to external beauty, a logo must also reflect the company’s business activities and identity.

A logo is an essential part of a company’s branding. Time moves on, markets change and logo standards change. For instance, your company needs to look more web-friendly, so the logo must fit with a web design and look modern. Or maybe your logo’s font style is old-fashioned and color scheme is outdated. Every logo is aging over time and needs adjustments according to the trends.

I would gladly design a catchy logo in accordance with your requirements and wishes so that it will work well for your business.


Appearance is incredibly important. Consider a situation where you buy a box of chocolates for a birthday. Obviously you are not going to buy all the boxes of chocolates to taste which is the most delicious one. Usually you choose a box of chocolates that looks the most beautiful one on the store shelve.

The product packaging is literally the product’s identity. Nowadays when there are basically no limits in package design, it is very important to keep in mind that usually less is more. To get buyers’ attention, your product must be distinguishable. Consumers may not even try your product simply because the package does not look appealing or does not convey the proper message. If the product package is somewhat innovative, it adds additional value to the product itself.


Print ad – newspaper and magazine ads are classical advertisement methods. Because of the amount of ads in a newspaper, the main aim is to differ from the others. Sometimes the most clean and minimalistic works give the most remarkable results.

Banner/roll-up – a visually attractive and professionally designed banner can help to create a positive impression on the minds of the target group.

Brochure – provides detailed information about your services or products. A reasonable quantity of text and appealing design works like a charm. Choose a form (Z Fold, Gate Fold, Bi Fold or Tri Fold) that works fine for you and let’s design a masterpiece to advertise your product/service.

Flyer/poster – be the most distinguishable company at trade fairs and have an advantage over your competitors. Distinctive design is the most important part of a flyer.

Catalogue/magazine – let’s combine a design conception and a visual solution that reflect your brand and target your audience. A catalogue will reach its full potential with high-quality images. I provide you with different ideas how to make a lasting impression and create a stunning catalogue design which is truly attention grabbing.

Post card/greeting card – beautifully designed cards make a lasting impression. Why buy a regular post card from a supermarket? Differ from others and create a custom card design to send it to your friends, clients or business partners. Kindest personal Christmas wishes and your own image on the cover of the Christmas card is the most memorable one.

Invitation – you would like to make a deep impression on your friends? I will design an appropriate invitation for your 50th birthday, invitation for your baby’s first birthday or a passionate wedding invitation.

Everything can be designed into a masterpiece. It can be a post card, a menu card or a ticket for a concert, I will help you in every area.


Brand identity or corporate identity is an important part of marketing. I create high-quality and eye-catching identity for a company or a brand. It will represent your whole company and communicate your purposes and values to the target audience.

You may need the brand identity service in different cases:
• starting a new business;
• if your company needs a new look;
• if you are going to launch a new class of products that need to match with each other.

Your business or product needs an image and brand identity is that image. This is your first step in taking your business to the higher level.

Business stationery is very important part of identity because it not only identifies the business, but it is also an effective marketing tool. A company’s identity should be carried through into all aspects of your brand stationery design (pens, envelopes, invoices, letter heads, notepapers, etc.).

For example, a letterhead that includes your company’s logo, contact information and symbolic colors or pattern will add professionalism. Imagine how many clients and how many times see your invoices. There are two important aspects – it is one of the smartest ways to advertise and, on the other hand, it sends an important message that your business is a professional organization.

Look through the customers’ eyes – if you have two equivalent offers from two companies, then subconsciously you would choose the company that seems more professional and successful. One of the easiest ways to fulfill those two criteria is well-designed stationery design.

It is worth investing into corporate stationery design. It will give the business a sense of identity and trust, which will be used by customers as a form of brand recognition. Establishing trust is an important part of attracting and maintaining customers.

A business card is one of the most important elements of a company’s visual identity. It is often the first tangible element of your company that you give a customer. A business card is much more than just a piece of paper with your name and phone number on it. A good business card should convey the overall image of your business and be catchy.

The design of a business card has to speak volumes about your brand and the services offered. It should present a professional image people will remember. Business cards carry relatively small amount of information, but may play a considerable role in your success. Incorrectly positioned elements may create a negative impression.

The main goal when designing a business card is not to provide loads of information, but rather have a clean look that would convey reliability.


Custom illustrations – any kind of custom illustrations for presentations, websites or even cartoon artwork.

Facebook design – you have to be distinguished in social media. Stylish cover image is essential.

Web ad– did you know, almost 90% people research online for products or services before making a buying decision? You certainly do not want to ignore this audience who come specifically looking for the product or service that you offer.

Icons – if you need a custom icon based on your logo or you need a totally new app icon for smartphones, this is exactly the right service.

T-shirt – everyone must have a cool T-shirt that includes some famous quotes or funny signs. I will help you combine an awesome design with your personal conception.

Book/CD cover – people often judge a book by its cover and that’s why catchy design is a must! I take your guidelines into account to achieve harmony between content and cover. I will design a cover that literally speaks.

Vehicle graphics – certainly one of the best ways of advertising and most importantly inexpensive – just drive through streets and you advertise your company without even thinking about it. Differ from the crowd. Whether you need totally crazy and colorful design, minimalistic design that is simply beautiful to watch or maybe an awesome look for a race car, I will design an outstanding vehicle graphics for you.

I offer a complete range of design services. If you have any special requirements, please fill out the form on the contact page and let me know.